Comparison of 3 third party Flickr tools to download all your albums

Download your Flickr albums with just five clicks

As Flickr will stop their free plan on February 5, 2019 (goodbye 1TB of photos), some folks are looking for tools to download everything to move on. At that time Flickr will start deleting all your photos, except the latest 1,000.

Let’s go testing some apps that may help you…

Adios for Flickr


OS: Mac & Windows

Price: Free for up to 25 albums, 5.99€ for unlimited albums and users.

It does not use the Flickr API and downloads your Flickr account data as zip files. That’s working really fast on the one hand and it takes you just five clicks when your account data export is ready. It’s a super simple step by step process, where you only need to select the destination folders.

Flickr Downloader


OS: Mac, Windows & Linux

Price: It’s free.

It’s a little bit outdated in 2019, but (in theory) you can download all albums in the original file size. But sadly, it’s not working. After starting the download process, the app hangs. Maybe it works for you. Give it a try.



OS: Mac & Windows

Price: You can start free, but it costs 29$/year if you want to download your photos in original size. I guess you want that.

Bulkr is excellent if you want to select or search for specific photos and want to download them. You can filter by license type etc. But if you’re going to download just your photos, it’s too complicated and overpriced.

Full disclosure: I’m the developer of Adios for Flickr.

Web/App developer based in germany. I like photos and piña colada.