5 ways to download all of your original Flickr photos and albums

You have a ton of images on Flickr and want to leave? Me too!

1) Download a single image

Flickr single image export

2) Download a single album

Flickr single album export
Flickr album export email
Flickr album export after extraction

3) Download selected images via camera roll

Flickr camera roll photo explorer
Flickr camera roll photo export limit

4) Download all your Flickr data including photos

Flickr account data export
Flickr account data export email
Flickr account data export finished
photos and videos folder after download and extraction
account data folder after download and extraction

5) Use the “Adios for Flickr” app to export all your albums in 3 minutes (for Mac/Win)

Adios for Flickr app for Mac/Windows
Adios for Flickr: Creating albums
Adios for Flickr: Export finished

6) More download options

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